Welcome to Regrut!


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Serbian warrior brand

Welcome to Regrut

The premium warrior brand, the place where high-quality clothing with motifs of glorious military past are waiting for you.
All those who cherish military aesthetics, respect our traditions and military life discipline will find with us a wide range of sports and everyday clothing characterized by impeccable quality, high functionality and striking style.

Knights of modern times, glorious history and warrior traditions.

The founder of the brand is a guy who completed military education and served for 11 years in special units of the Serbian Army. With his love for the military way of life, Serbian tradition and sacred values of ancestral past, he wanted to pass these on to the new generations. This is precisely why Regrut logo represents a combination of carefully selected motifs:
– In the very center is a cross, which points to St Sava’s legacy as the spiritual foundation, 4Cs symbolize national identity and the sword awakens memories of the medieval warrior tradition.

At Regrut, we believe that clothing with military motifs is not only an expression of personal style, but also a mindset, a testament to strength and determination. That is why we created a brand that at the same time cherishes the memory of knightly times and fearless forefathers from the homeland wars.

These move new generations to live bravely and honorably in accordance with the highest warrior code.

All Regrut products are made 100% in Serbia according to the highest standards of quality and comfort

Regrut products are made of carefully selected and tested materials. These have become synonymous with quality and originality.
A dedicated team of designers including Serbian art 
academy artists, professional tailors and seamstresses and top printing experts takes care that each Regrut product fulfills the highest standards of durability, functionality and style.

In accordance with your needs, we personalize our products.
Whether it is your local sports team wanting its own logo or an individual with an idea, along with the help of our experts,
you can create an urban “uniform” tailored to you.

Recruits are chosen by those who live freely, bravely and actively

The Regrut brand is recognizable among fighters and other athletes who cherish the military style, respect their traditions and warriors’ values.
Our products – from rash guards, through t-shirts and shorts to unique emblems – represent a kind of uniform with which you testify your allegiance to Serbian warrior tradition.

The mission of Regrut is to encourage new generations to find their strength, courage and determination by offering quality equipment with military motifs

Thanks to Regrut clothing, the essence of military life becomes a part of both your everyday style and unique adventures.
Awaken the strength of the warrior within you. Choose Regrut.