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QUALITY AND DURABILITY: made with durable fabric and reinforced stitching at all stress points. Tight stitching ensures durability, providing both comfort and support to meet the demanding needs of athletes and fighters

COMFORT AND FLEXIBILITY: lightweight high-quality fabric, elastic bands on the inner and outer thighs increase mobility and ensure comfort.

LACING: these shorts have an elastic drawstring for fastening in the waistband.

PRINT: sublimation

MATERIAL: 100% polyester (microfiber, elastic parts on the outer and inner thighs)

DESIGN: great for fighters looking for an authentic design. This series is inspired by the great Njegoš and his wisdom as a synonym for the life of every Serb “LET THE STRUGGLE BE UNCONTINUED!”

VISION: Despite advances in technology, hand-to-hand combat is still a constant aspect of modern warfare.
The modern soldier is trained to use firearms, but also if he needs to when he runs out of ammunition to throw away his rifle, clench his fists and fight to the death.
When you are on the right path and suffering is joy, not pain.


  • Elastin in the waistband and laces for fastening
  • Lightweight and quick drying
  • Durability and comfort
  • Top quality
  • Increased mobility
  • Reinforced seams
  • Sublimation printing

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