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REGULATES TEMPERATURE AND SWEAT: Regulates body temperature and sweat during exercise, suitable for training at low temperatures. The fabric absorbs sweat well while providing comfort and continuously protecting your body from cooling during breaks.

COMFORT AND FLEXIBILITY: this rash guard is made of quality material that offers you full flexibility and protection during training

MATERIAL: (260g polyester/thicker lycra, suitable for sports activities at low temperatures).

PRINT: sublimation

DESIGN: In addition to our characteristic “battle logo” (skull, with crossed sword and rifle), the carefully created design of the sleeve dominates, highlighting motifs of Orthodox spirituality, traditional ornamentation and national symbols. A discreet message that throughout history has been the basis of the struggle for national survival “for the honorable cross and the golden freedom”. With the inspiration of the glorious history and warrior tradition, go to fight against all adversity, VICTORY OR DEATH!


  • Lightweight and quick drying
  • Durability and comfort
  • Temperature regulation
  • Sublimation printing
  • Top quality
  • Elastic threads
  • Stretchability

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