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COMFORT AND DURABILITY: the premium material ensures comfort and durability, it has a paspul neck reinforcement and a double stitch on the sleeves.
The shirt is slightly waisted and follows the body line.

DESIGN: A powerful design that awakens a powerful warrior charge.
Remembrance of a unit from the VRS that during the civil war represented “FEAR AND TREMBLING”
Brave and well-trained fighters who distinguished themselves in battles in the Podrinje region, the Sarajevo-romanija region and other battlefields with only one task: “DEFENSE AND PROTECTION OF THE SERBIAN PEOPLE”!

VISION: Republika Srpska is a reflection of the aspiration of the Serbian people to live as their own on their own.
Units from the Army of Republika Srpska left an immeasurable mark in the creation of the state and the formation of national identity.
By celebrating heroic units, we do not invoke conflicts and wars, but preserve the memory of the brave heroes who made their sacrifice possible for the peaceful life of the Serbian people on the left bank of the Drina.


  • 100% cotton 180gr
  • jacquard labels and VRS emblem
  • paspul neck reinforcement
  • durability and comfort
  • double tap on the sleeves
  • screen printing

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